Students should arrive at least 10 minutes before class starts to have time to sign in and be prepared to begin promptly at class time. Uniforms should be neat and clean. May 1 through October 1 students will wear a class t-shirt, belt and gi pants. October 1 through April 30, please wear jacket, belt, and pants. First time guests are invited to wear comfortable clothing. For more information on classes, email or see our schedule.

Youth Aikido :: Kindergarten through Age 13
Our children's classes teach the fundamentals of Aikido from rolling and falling (ukemi) to full techniques. We also study the basics of traditional Japanese wooden swords (bokken) and staff (jo) as well as the elements of Kidpower, our bullying and stranger safety curriculum. Children's classes focus on developing gross and fine motor skills and learn to work with partners in ways useful for future sport and hobby activities. We incorporate games and team building activities to help enforce martial arts skills. 

Teen and Adult Aikido :: Ages 14 and up
Our teen and adult classes are open to students ages 15 and up of any level. We will cover the foundations of Aikido, including ukemi, foot work, etiquette, and basic joint locks and throws in addition to more advanced movement and self defense scenarios. Senior students are always available to lend a hand. 

Little Dragons :: Preschool (when available)
Preschoolers love Aikido! Join us as we learn basic techniques, rolling and falling, counting in Japanese, stranger safety, and more! This class is uniquely designed for students ages 3-5 who have not yet started kindergarten. Started in 2010, we have seen several students make a smooth and easy transition from preschool Aikido to elementary aged Aikido!

Older Youth and Teen Aikido :: Ages 12-17 (when available)
Youth and teen classes at Aikido at the Center teach all of the fundamentals of Aikido from ukemi to joint locks and throws with an eye towards the needs of students who are growing and changing. We will strengthen joints and muscles as well as develop centeredness that will benefit students for years to come. Aikido is an empowering practice and the confidence our students will gain can help them navigate the sometimes difficult teen years. Because of the development of joints, we ask that students 12-15 study only in the Beginner classes. At 16, students may seek permission to train with adults in addition to the teen class.


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